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REACH Support

Allow your customers to work independently and request live video docs/e-signature collaboration support from an agent to complete their transaction
Assist your app/website customers with a smarter approach

Hybrid approach

Allow your clients to start a process on your website/app on their own & instantly enter a live docs collaboration session with an agent to decrease drop out rates

Allow agents to offer the right help (with rich tools) at the right time (only when the client struggles)

Reduce your clients' frustration by allowing them to complete complex workflows with the help of an effective agent-supported session

Process Visibility

Avoid the loss of all data filled out by the clients while they were on their own

Provide your agents ongoing visibility of the form even before the form fill out was completed ("live document")

Access detailed recording of the session (audio/video/annotations) whenever required


Audit trail

Automatically capture all data inputs filled out by the client

Record the data inputs (with exact time and date) for compliance purposes

Pull all data inputs from the documents to your back end systems to avoid rekeying of relevant information


Rich Engagement

An innovative approach for website support - no more just chat, video, and co-browse

Support your customers with a broader set of collaboration tools (including co-editing, co-signature, docs upload, and even ID VER)

Reduce costs by using one integrated platform instead of multiple scattered platforms

REACH seamlessly integrates all the features needed to complete transactions remotely

Ready to Increase your team's efficiency?
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