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Case Study

Real-time website support



  • Instant and on-demand call center agents available in real-time

  • Offering the client “human-touch” during the online process

  • The platform is completely web-based (no need to download an application or software)

  • Seamlessly move from the self-service mode to a real-time session with a call center agent while ensuring all data is transferred appropriately




A global European Bank faces difficulties providing customers with the same, full-service support they are offered in-person, online. Customers have become more and more adapt to completing all daily tasks and lifestyle demands online. Banks, therefore, are expected to provide quick and convenient services over the internet but by still withholding the same level of customer service. This creates a difficulty for banks to create a quick and personal experience for clients and yet still provide a warm and friendly experience. A bank’s clients should feel as though they are in trusting hands and able to efficiently move through instructions and forms easily. When a client has embarked on an online process such as: filling out forms, making payments, taking out a loan etc., they are essentially doing it on their own. When or if difficulties arise, the client is forced to call a help customer helpline, find the relevant department, wait on hold, and then speak with a representative in order to move forward. In some cases, the client is even forced to go physically into the branch in order to sort out the issue. Some banks now provide online support or live chat for technical difficulties but in this case, they are only active at certain times and the client can sometimes wait hours or even days for a response. Even then, the collaboration capabilities are limited and unable to provide sufficient help to guide the client through the process in a compliant and efficient manner. This creates a problem for clients and even more so, for banks themselves. This frustrating occurrence can lower the rates of client completion due to a lack of interest in taking the necessary steps to resolving the issue on hand.



REACH has taken the issues at hand and provided the bank with a resolution. This bank’s website and banking application now have the capability to combat these issues that inevitably came along with technological advancement. REACH has provided this global EU bank with a platform that offers clients a more human interaction in the digital age. While a customer is filling out these documents online for opening an account, making transfers, paying bills, etc., if a problem arises and the client needs assistant, instant call center agents are available in real time via video or audio chat with extensive collaboration capabilities such as: shared screen, co-editing, co-signature, ID verification. Meanwhile, everything is sophistically recorded, saved and sent instantly to bank systems. The client can initiate the session instantly by clicking on a “real-time support” button or by scheduling a preferred time. Alternatively, the agent can proactively offer help via a pop-up window by identifying when the client is struggling through a sophisticated recording of the self-service mode session. All the data that was captured during the self-service mode session is saved and both parties can seamlessly pick-up from that point without losing important data. Therefore, if a client needs guidance on a specific document or completing any other digital process online, the representative can now open a split-screen and direct the client to what needs to be filled out and signed. Digital signing can be done instantly to the document from a mobile device, tablet or computer for any level of transaction and retained with the same value and status as a physical signature. By providing these advanced features, clients are happier and more satisfied with a more human-like interaction from the ease of their computer or mobile devices. None of these services require downloading any new applications or opening links to new windows; everything is completely web-based. It is offered either on the company’s website, application or even on a touch-screen device in a branch.



Since REACH has begun working with this global European Bank, customers have shown a dramatic increase in their level of satisfaction with the bank’s online service. Dropout rates for completing these online processes have decreased by 11 %. The bank has now dispelled one of its biggest online concerns and advanced its online banking experience drastically.

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