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A new era for Paperwork

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

PDFs are obsolete

PDF forms are hard to complete and often filled out incorrectly because they’re complex, redundant and painful to fill out on a mobile device. A frictionless form filling process can increase your document completion rates up to 96%.

Imagine you wish to change a beneficiary in your bank account. Usually, that requires going to the bank’s website, printing a PDF, filling it out manually, adding supporting physical evidence such as IDs or Utility bills and sending everything via mail or fax. The bank employees would then need to check that the data was filled out correctly and manually key the information to the bank’s systems.

And here’s another example, imagine you’re sitting in Company X office filling out a standard packet of intake documents. Each form requires you to fill out your name, your telephone number, and your address. You’re also asked to read through every text field, even though many don’t relate to you specifically.

Once finished, you bring your packet to the front desk. The receptionist takes your forms and reviews all of the information you just filled to make sure you did not miss anything. Then the receptionist manually types all of the information you just completed into the office’s database. Finally, the receptionist makes copies of the forms so that the office has multiple PDF hard copies on file. The entire process takes upwards of twenty minutes. Not only are you required to complete tons of paperwork (much of it repetitive), the company’s office staff are required to handle or duplicate tons of paperwork.

In both examples, the result is a poor experience for the client, for the companies’ office employees, and an ineffective way to collect & store data. Document-centric workflows like those are painful. It’s time for a change!.

Improved document workflows experience

REACH gives companies the power to radically simplify complex document workflows. The ugly, confusing, complex PDF is gone. REACH lets end users get through complicated document workflows by completing digital forms on a mobile phone, without having to ever interact with the underlying PDF. It removes PDFs from the form-filling and signing experience, redefining how users interact with documents and agreements on their mobile phones.

By turning your PDFs into mobile-friendly forms, you can get your forms completed up to 3x faster and with up to 10x more accuracy than traditional solutions. Moreover, by using Reach’s data validation solution you can catch errors in real-time which eliminates the need for your team to spend time looking for errors. Conditional rules let you control what fields in the form users see and when they see them, and PDF mapping allows you to transform static PDFs into dynamic online forms that automatically map data back to the original PDF while storing the information immediately in your back-office solution.

Mobile-first executable forms

REACH Forms are mobile-first so users no longer have to pinch and zoom their way through PDFs on their phones. Companies can even pre-populate known information into forms, so users save time filling out forms and even leverage the REACH APIs to send data from completed forms directly into your backend systems to eliminate data entry.

Most importantly those forms are executable, allowing customers to sign them and even upload additional required documents. The forms are then instantly being routed to the appropriate person in the company, saving the client the hassle of sending them manually.

And here’s the best part, companies can even choose to offer real-time effective assistance from a company agent in case of need. The client simply clicks the REACH help button, a notification is sent directly to the agent’s desktop who can immediately enter a live session where both parties can not only audio or video chat and co-browse but can also co-fill and co-sign the forms in real-time in a synchronic manner.

The future of paperwork is here

The fastest and most accurate way to fill & sign forms is right around the corner. Build your forms in minutes with no code and allow your users to enjoy an intelligent document workflow.

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