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Accelerate your remote paperwork interactions by leveraging the self-service mode capabilities with efficient human assistance when needed

Allow your field agents to conduct a fully compliant business meeting remotely

Accelerate your claims and renewals processes by completing documents and e-signing them in a remote live session with your customers

Allow heavy documentation processes to be conducted remotely, eliminating the need for a physical encounter while adhering to compliance requirements

Slash your costs dramatically using REACH's no downloads required video chat together with the documents/e-signature collaboration capabilities, allowing you to conduct a full agent-client remote meeting (instant or scheduled meeting) without meeting in person

Automate renewals processes by using bulk send capabilities together with sophisticated data input pre-population capabilities

Allow your agents to focus on what's important by expediting documents fill out and signatures collection

Automate renewals and expedite onboarding and policy applications using REACH's collaboration platform

Reduce repetitive tasks and follow up calls

Eliminate the need for a physical encounter

Speed up processes such as claims and
policy renewals

Instant onboarding

Reduce NIGO (Not in Good Order documents)

Automate processes by prepopulating data inputs into applications

REACH empowers our agents to effectively and compliantly conduct remote transactional meetings with customers, eliminating the need for a face to face meeting

Innovation Manager

Major Insurance Company

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