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Case Study

Instant closing



  • Real-time document signing to increase closing rates by 20%

  • Instant client-agent collaboration on any type of document

  • Proof of transaction through a sophisticated recording session

  • Constant continuity in the sales process




Major Insurance companies in the United States and worldwide, face obstacles in the sales process that are potential risks in the end results.


When a customer decides to upgrade to a new plan on their account, in some cases, the buyer is required to sign and submit a written consent form. The pricing, terms, and conditions of the new plan should be noted and recognized by the client. Clients are required to acknowledge that they have made their decision based on a straightforward agreement.


The standard procedure in this scenario for the client is to receive a PDF consent form and then print, sign, scan and return the form in order to move forward. These forms can be time-consuming and inconvenient to the client, resulting in a loss of interest and therefore lower closing rates.


Digital signing is another option to conduct this process; resolving the need to print and scan the document. However, digital signing is still problematic due to the loss of continuity within the sales process. When the salesperson sends the PDF via email to be signed and returned, he/she is losing the ability to close the sale instantaneously by putting the momentum in the client’s hands.


In addition, because the entire signing process is not recorded, it creates some legal risk for the company since the client can claim afterward that he wasn’t the one who signed the document or simply deny the transaction.



A live remote session between a sales agent of the Insurance Company and a client is easily initiated with Reach. The agent begins by simply uploading the relevant document to the platform and inviting the signer to a live web-based session by sending a URL link via text or email. The client can log in from any device and doesn’t need to download anything to do so. The client simply puts the agent on speaker and clicks the link, which grants access to view the same live document that is on the agent’s screen. Now they are able to co-work on the document and co-sign it allowing the agent to virtually show the signer exactly where to sign and what additional information to fill in. Everything is offered in real-time over the web without having the hassle of downloading an app. The entire session is also recorded in a sophisticated manner. This includes a clip with video & audio of the conversation between the agent and the client; as well as a real-time display of the annotations that were made in the document. Expelling all possibility of the signer disputing or denying that the transaction was ever completed.


The process of closing the sale is now done in a continuous matter that offers the sales representative a higher chance of completion and the customer, an easier process. With Reach's live co-editing and co-signing process, the chance of losing a sale due to: the client’s ability to change their mind, misplace an e-mail or just forget about the signing, is completely eliminated and thus increases conversion rates dramatically.

Many major Insurance Companies are now working with REACH to solve these major drawbacks. REACH offers those companies a platform that is simultaneously running with their current online purchasing platform, offering a smooth consistency in the purchasing process to quicken the process of signing as well as increase the closing rate of sales. All of these solutions happen in real-time and provide both the company and the client with peace of mind that every transaction is valid and secure.



Insurance Companies and other companies which are selling services, products or subscriptions online are now able to successfully close more deals with potential clients as well as avoid any future legal problems or disputes. One of the major Insurance companies has, since working with REACH, improved its closing ratio by 20%. Also, these companies lowered their legal costs by using the platform to dispute any scenarios where transactions were denied. Clients are happier and more satisfied with the level of service and efficiency provided and companies are impressed with their new performance and ability to close deals quicker and easier than ever!

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