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REACH Engagement

Eliminate the need for a physical encounter

Satisfy all compliance requirements of a physical meeting with all the critical tools to enable your agents to get the job done remotely

Documents collaboration

Synchronously edit documents while in a remote audio/video conference with your customers to enable an effective virtual meeting

Web conferencing, document collaboration, digital signature & co-browsing in one single platform

Ability to choose between PDF view and Form view

Ability to work on plain documents or predefined templates


Video conferencing

WebRTC communication allows instant or scheduled video session without any downloads

Multi-party video session facilitates an effective remote interaction

Enable video, voice or text chat directly through your browser


Identity verification

Ensure that the identity of the person who is conducting the process is verified in a compliant manner (Know Your Customer compliant)

REACH’s proprietary ID verification process follows the strictest global regulations and takes up to 30 seconds

The following checks are conducted : Face similarity, ID authenticity check, comparison of ID data with reliable databases and liveness check

Your recipients just need to upload a valid ID card and a photo/video Selfie. Avaliable in self service mode session or real time session with an agent


Web based platform

Instant access from any device (mobile/tablet/web)

No downloads or plug-ins required

All sessions are fully SSL encrypted
(plus proprietary compliant ID verification)

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